Best Reading Lamps

Light Bulbs Etc carries a variety of high quality reading lamps and portable lamps that eliminate glare and create vibrant colors. The key to a great reading lamp is one that reduces fatigue, eyestrain and headaches. Below are a few of our highly recommended reading lamps.  We carry a wide range of lamps from Holtkoetter, George Kovacs, Uttermost and many more.  We have a wide range of LED reading lamps as well!  LED lamps are great because they do not produce heat like traditional halogen lamps.

Verilux Natural Spectrum Light

Verilux's Natural SpectrumR light simulates natural daylight and brings all of its benefits indoors. Every Verilux lamp and lighting product uses Natural Spectrum to provide truer colors and enhance the clarity and contrast of reading materials, crafts, and detail work while reducing shadows and glare. Our patented Flicker Elimination Technology provides instant-on, steady, daylight illumination without the eye-straining flicker.

Verilux lamps are built for a lifetime and make reading and working more enjoyable.

It's a scientific fact that our eyes see best in natural daylight. Eye muscles relax and contract to collect just the right amount of illumin producing greater contrast and truer colors with less effort and irritation. In 1956, Verilux invented Natural Spectrum' light to simulate natural daylight and bring all of its benefits indoors.

Verilux Natural Spectrum lighting was developed on the basic premise that the eyes' photoreceptors, rods and cones, work best together when exposed to the full and balanced spectrum of visible light. With balanced stimuli, your brain is more efficient in interpreting the wide range of information needed to create an accurate mental representation of the world around you.

Today, every Verilux lamp and healing lighting product uses Natural Spectrum light to make visually demanding tasks easier to perform and more enjoyable. With Natural Spectrum light, the brilliance of true colors come to life, glare is reduced, resulting in less eye strain and fatigue.

Natural Spectrum light: the true essence of life in a better light.