Bath and Vanity

Bathroom Lighting and vanity lighting is more important than in any other room in the house as there are many things like applying makeup or shaving that require sufficient lighting in order to be done optimally. Light Bulbs Etc has a team of designers that can help with your lighting needs in your bathroom while guiding you to achieve the look you are after.

It is important to consider four basic types of light when laying out a lighting design for a bathroom. Task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting are all crucial elements to incorporate when designing your bathroom.

Task lighting is crucial for daily activities such as applying makeup or shaving. There are many options for task lighting within a bathroom. A pair of vertical fixtures hanging on either side of the mirror provides great shadow free light and also looking very clean and contemporary. Manufactures like Edge Lighting and Tech Lighting have also developed mirrors with lights built into them which look amazing, provide superb task lighting and will add a new dimension to any bathroom.

Ambient lighting can be achieved with the use of various down lights and soften the shadows. This is significant because shadows can alter the ability of someone while applying makeup or shaving!

Accent lighting can highlight design elements of your bathroom including any artwork. Accent lighting can be achieved by a variety of light sources including recessed cans and track lighting.

Decorative lighting allows an individual to put their own personal touch on a bathroom and make a statement! The possibilities are endless with decorative lighting and our professionals at Light Bulbs Etc can assist you in selecting decorative wall scones, ceiling lights, pendants and more to compliment the various elements within your bathroom.

Once the various forms of lighting have been selected, it is now time to layer the lighting layout with the switch and dimming systems. These layers of light will allow an individual to create various scenes within their bathrooms, depending on the task at hand. The old fashion way of having one switch control all of the lighting within a bathroom is not the best option. Being able to control the different layers of lighting gives the individual flexibility.

If you are remodeling your bathroom or have any questions regarding your bathroom lighting, please don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Light Bulbs Etc.