Important Facts About Crystal

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The characteristics that make fine crystals are very similar to the characteristics that make fine diamonds. Imperfections that are apparent to the naked eye like clarity, bubbles, scratches and chips help one determine the quality of the crystal. Typically, the higher the lead content the finer the crystal, but this is not always true. The lead acts to soften the crystal, which makes the glass easier to cut and polish.

There are many grades of crystal to choose from and at Light Bulbs Etc, we educate our customers before selecting a fixture or chandeliers. Below is a quick guide to the various grades of crystal that you can choose for your chandeliers.

Strass® Crystal

Strass® crystal is manufactured in the Austrian Alps by Swarovski AG using a secret process that stems back generations. Strass® is considered the finest crystal in the world. It is typically machine cut and then machine polished, which provides optic clarity, razor sharp faceting and brilliance. Strass® crystal is typically easier to clean and maintain due to an invisible optical coating that is applied. Lead content in Strass® crystal is typically in excess of 30 percent.

Swarovski Spectra® Crystal

Spectra crystal stands for machine cut Swarovski crystal with reliable Swarovski quality. Spectra crystal offers the most important cuts in clear crystal. Spectra is made from potassium rather than lead however still provides a great deal od lustre and sparkle

Egyptian Crystal (Gemcut)

Egyptian (or Gemcut) crystal produces extreme sharpness and clarity and looks almost flawless. They have a very high lead count and look brilliant, but they are not as optically pure as Strass® or Spectra® crystals.

Italian Crystal

Italian crystal, also known as Venetian crystal, is made by using traditional molding, fire and hand polishing techniques. Italian crystal is not cut crystal and is a very economical crystal.