How Does Title 20 Affect Your Portable Lamps

Want to know how Title 20 affects portable lamps? In California, Title 20 requires that torchieres manufactured on or after March 1, 2003, shall not consume more than 190 watts and shall not be capable of operating with lamps that total more than 190 watts. Torchieres manufactured on or after January 1, 2006, shall not use more than 190 watts. A torchiere shall be deemed to use more than 190 watts if any commercially available lamp or combination of lamps can be inserted in its socket(s) and cause the torchiere to draw more than 190 watts when operated at full brightness.

Title 20 requires each unit of torchieres and each package containing a torchiere is marked, permanently and legibly on an accessible and conspicuous place on the unit, in characters no less than 1/8 " on the inner surface of the reflector bowl of the torchiere, and 1/4 " on the packaging, "LAMPS MUST TOTAL NO MORE THAN 190 WATTS-TORCHIERE IS NON-COMPLIANT IF IT IS ABLE TO DRAW MORE THAN 190 WATTS."