The Complete Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wall Scone

Wall sconces are not only a source of light, but it is a symbol of one’s style. Wall sconces come in variety of styles, colors, textures and materials. It is important to select a wall sconce that will compliment the colors and textures in a room. Wall sconces make a statement that general lighting is simply not enough and that you are expressing your style through your lighting.

It is crucial to know where you will be placing the wall scones and this will help determine the size. Remember that wall sconces are great options for both indoors and out. The positioning of a wall sconce is important, so it’s best to measure the length and height of the wall that you want to use for hang your scones. A good rule of thumb is to place the sconces roughly 60 inches from the floor and about 6 feet way from each other. Every situation is unique and this rule is just a guideline, so don’t worry if your situation is unique.

Wall sconces come with a variety of lamps (light bulbs) and our experts at Light Bulbs Etc can help you select the appropriate source. In darker areas, it is important to use higher wattage lamps and in areas where sconces are used more for decorative lighting than anything else, lower wattages will work.