Importance of The Correct Lighting for Your Home

Posted: July 21, 2016

Don’t you admire those homes that are well put together and have a rhythm and perfect flow to their décor?  The furniture looks inviting, the art on the wall stands out and there is a graceful, yet lived in comfy feeling to the space.  What you probably don’t think about, or realize is that they also have the correct lighting.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to live in a space with the correct amount of lights and lighting.  It’s one of the most important things in your home.  Especially in the Kitchen & Master Bathroom.

In the Kitchen, where we enjoy cooking, and in some cases dining, you shouldn’t feel as though you are on the stage ready to put on a Broadway show every time you switch the lights on.  As well, there should never be insufficient lighting.  Usually, there is no extra space for lamps or floor lamps in a Kitchen.  The ceiling lights and subtle cabinet lighting should be supplying you with the complete and sufficient amount of light.  Ambiance lighting is important as well.  The cabinet accent lighting should be on a separate switch.  There are times when you will want a simple glow from under your cabinets.  Today, we are so happy to have strip lighting with LED technology.  Thankfully, the days of the old fluorescent lights are over.

Speaking of ambiance, the Dining Room can be one of our most peaceful rooms in the home.  After a long day of work, we sometimes want the cozy, soft lighting as we enjoy our dinner.  I suggest everyone add a dimmer switch to their Dining Room light source.

Moving on to the Master Bathroom.  This is another very important room in our home.  After all, we usually start and end our day there.   One of the biggest mistakes made in a Master Bathroom is not having a sufficient amount light.  Sometimes we pick out a decorative light fixture, but don’t think about what kind of “light” it will actually produce.  Once the fixture is installed, and we realize a mistake was made, we usually end up living with it.  If you think about it, I bet most of us have done this in our lives.  Nothing is more frustrating than not having enough light to shave or apply make-up.

Lighting can also be a factor when selling a home.  A great lighting plan/design is so important, especially in the Kitchen and Master Bathroom.  Those two rooms, and the lighting in those rooms, can sell a house or keep it on the market.

At Light Bulbs Etc/Lightstyles, we have knowledgeable salespeople here to help you with any of your lighting needs.  As well, we have a full lighting design team on hand.   Please stop by any of our three stores, Montclair, Orange or Costa Mesa and we will be glad to help with your next project.

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